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“Having a companion to talk to can make you feel happy – this is where we step in with companionship care”

Living in a world of hectic schedules and busy lives, we often fail to spend enough time with the elderly at our homes.

While this can be both emotionally and mentally disturbing for seniors, finding a way through it was significant. With the objective of curbing loneliness, team Merriment came up with the idea of building a companionship community; created by the people, for the people.

Merriment provides caregiving assistance to seniors by bridging the gap between those looking for companions and those willing to be one!

All you do is post your requirement and get bids from the job seekers (caregivers) living nearby to assist you in a comfortable living!

The structure of Merriment’s eldercare is designed to enhance the quality of our daily lives. The caregivers are companions who are willing to accompany seniors with their daily schedules, social outings, having friendly conversations and much more.

Who we are?

We help the seniors keep up with their quality of life. The seniors can hire caregivers for their support stimulating them physically and emotionally.


Who is Merriment for?

“Loneliness can affect anyone. It can impact both mental and physical health. But in the elderly, it’s far too common.”

Getting older does not mean losing your personal choices, independence and control to your life. Afterall, they make you who you are. Sometimes, all you need is some companions and some care to keep your happy life going.

Merriment is for socially isolated seniors. It is for those who feel lonely, helpless or mentally disturbed in their daily lives. This Social isolation does not only mean feeling lonely but has adverse health repercussions on the seniors. Merriment comes up with the idea of helping society bring an end to social isolation.

The service categories include a popular range of caregiving duties. From having food together to going for an evening walk together or grocery shopping, Merriment aims to help the seniors connect with potential caregivers.

How can we help?

1. Book a free consultation

Please share what you feel with one of our expert care team members. They will help you understand what kind of service can help you enhance your health and understand the type of service suitable for your needs.

2. Place your requirement

Place your requirement to let the freelancers bid for you. We recommend you to mention your requirements, what you like/ dislike, qualities that you’d like the caregiver to have and the timings you need them to be there with you.

3. Matching process

Our freelancers will bid on your requirement with their quotes. Check out their profiles and select the most suitable one.