Jul 02, 2021

10 ways to be a companion to seniors

10 ways to be a companion to seniors


Loneliness, depression, and social seclusion are genuine issues for older individuals, causing a genuine effect on their wellbeing, prosperity, and quality of life. A need for a friend or companion is crucial at old age.

Being a companion to older adults is not a demanding task. It is all about taking care of seniors by recognizing their need for nurturing and meaningful relationships. To lead a prosperous and enriched lifestyle, seniors need to have someone in their life to label as a companion.


Let's have a look at 10 different ways of being a better companion to seniors-

Be an active listener old age people have a lot to share but very few or even no one to listen to. A companion is the one who interestingly listens to the seniors and encourages them to speak their hearts out.

  1. Keep them physically active

Exercise develops energy and also helps in strengthening memory. A companion must try to keep the senior physically active as much as possible to level up their wellbeing. A 10-minute walk or even doing some of their chores themselves keeps them physically active.

  1. Playing Games

Playing several Games involving the exercise of the mind, such as sudoku, chess, backward counting of numbers, etc., can help them kill free time and strengthen their mind. Such games keep them away from the daily or life stress they may be going through. We'd also recommend you engage seniors in outdoor activities.

  1. Arranging Traveling

To help them take a break from their daily routine, plan a trip for the seniors. If their health does not allow traveling, an outdoor picnic must sound good!

  1. Opportunities to Socialize

Socializing with similar people and communities can ease misery and loneliness. Taking the seniors to the parks, community halls, or even their friends' houses help them socialize.

  1. Remember mental health

In old age, it is very common to suffer from mental problems which can deteriorate overall health. It is the moral duty of the companion to keep a regular check on seniors' mental health and find different ways to stimulate their minds.

  1. Eat healthily

Seniors are prone to several digestive problems and dehydration. Adding high-fiber fruits, grains, and vegetables to the daily diet is significant at such an age.

  1. Get them plenty of rest

Getting enough rest is as much as important as being physically active. In order to have a relaxing environment, the senior's living room and bedroom must be made comfortable, calm, and quiet.

  1. Organize Family Visits

Scheduling a family visit or planning out dinner is one of the best things to do for them. During tough times and lockdowns going on everywhere, a virtual meeting of the family members would not be less than a real one.

  1. Improve Financial Management

We all know there is a financial constraint in old age. If the senior allows, a companion can help set up a weekly budget, expenditure planning, etc.


While seniors can sometimes be troublesome with their numerous requests, a true companion must be dedicated enough to give them their well-being, security, and prosperity. Being a companion to elderly folks is not less than noble work. After all, each one of us is going to be one in the future!