Dec 17, 2020

4 steps to Select the Right Companion

4 steps to Select the Right Companion


By – Preirna Prachi


The seniors may experience health issues that limit them their various daily activities in some way. However, this must not prevent them from living independently and leading a quality life. Consulting a reputable agency can help the seniors or their family find a suitable companion. Here’s what you must make sure of when hiring a companion in your area.

1. Identify your needs/ the needs of your loved ones

Find out what kind of assistance the senior requires. Make a list of the things that the companions can help you with.

For instance, the senior might want a company to go for a morning walk or someone who can remind them of their medicines on time. There could be companions to help you cook and share your meals. After all, having meals all by yourself can be lonely and depressing.

It is imperative to find like-minded, compassionate caregivers. Make sure to inform your expectations upfront.

2. Confirm caregivers’ skills and expertise

Knowing what the caregiver’s skills are, it will be easier to understand if they can be of help. Especially when you are finding companions who’d take the seniors out, you’d want to confirm if they know driving.

Find out additional abilities of the caregivers that can help seniors.

Fix the timing and the days when you want the caregivers to visit you.

3. Match your interests

Match your interests with potential companions. Suppose you wish to hire a companion for sharing meals; find out if your companions are interested in cooking with you and making conversations during the meals.

Likewise, if you wish to go for a walk daily, confirm if the caregiver will join you daily and stick to the schedule. Therefore, match your interests before you finally hire.

4. Confirm the financial terms upfront

Once you are sure about the kind of companionship support, you’d require, confirm the pricing per hour or the monthly payments in advance with the potential candidates.

Moreover, if you go out shopping, make sure to discuss in advance how you’d pay for the ongoing costs of transportation.

It is good to be sure about the payment terms and conditions before confirming and hiring a companion for your care.


Have you hired a companion yet? How did your experience look like? Let us know your story!

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