Dec 23, 2020

Embrace the ageing: Ways to lead a happy retirement life!

Embrace the ageing: Ways to lead a happy retirement life!


By – Preirna Prachi


Retirement is a unique opportunity for seniors. After all the hard work and massive responsibilities, they took all their life, it’s time to sit back and relax. Here we list down a few ways to fill your life with happiness.

Discover what activities make you the happiest

Being so used to busy schedules, we tend to forget what we actually enjoyed back then in our childhood times.

Find out the new interests you might have gained all these years. Find out what makes you happy the most. It could be playing games, cards, watching movies, listening to songs, cooking, cycling, etc. Discovering new interests will stimulate your mind and body. Good to spend time doing things you love and spend your days with happiness.

Focus on your health

Health us wealth!

Focus on your food habits, exercise regularly and keep track of your regular appointments with the doctor. Positive thoughts are the cure to mental fitness.

To support you, tracking daily medication and doctor appointments, accompanying you with daily exercise, you can hire companions with Merriment.

Appreciate humour

Laugh often, talk funny, watch funny movies and shows, share funny stories with your loved ones and keep yourself active with humour. This would help you get away from bad things and bad thoughts in your life.

You could watch comedy shows, talk humour with your friends and most importantly have positive thoughts in your mind. 

Go outside every day and connect with the community

Do not sit at home idle. Try going out every day to the nearest park, to a shop nearby or to get daily groceries. Even sitting outside the porch during the pandemic would help. Sitting out in the sunshine early morning or a short walk will do wonders for your emotional health.

Constant movement in the body and breathing fresh air brings in a lot of positivity to the body.

Give back to the community; connect with the society. People would love to hear your experiences and learn from them. For instance, you could play with the little kids and help their parents take some time off. You could talk to other seniors and make sure they do not feel alone. If you love pets, you could spend time with them as well. And why not join an NGO and support the poor kids?

Smile everyday

Sounds easy, but often gets tricky. Did you know, smiling activates the hormones in the body that are connected to happiness. If you are reading this blog for your parents/ grandparents or other seniors, do make sure to make them smile first thing in the morning. This would help seniors start their day on a positive note.

To support you stay physically and mentally healthy and to make sure you never feel lonely, connect with Merriment and hire companions near you!

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