Dec 23, 2020

What Is Companion Care at Merriment for the Elderly?

What Is Companion Care at Merriment for the Elderly?


Article by: Preirna Prachi


Friendship is one of the most valuable things in life

In the present-day world, there has been a rapid change in our lifestyles. While we’ve been able to reach the rest of the world better, isolated living has become a regular thing. 

But this kind of lifestyle has led seniors to suffer from social isolation.

Here is where companion care comes into the picture. Companion care at Merriment is about sharing emotional care and support with the elderly. The companions can be anyone willing to spend time with the seniors. All they need is to bring in some positive vibes and help seniors get socially active.

Friendships that were earlier a luxury are now a necessity.

The families in the earlier days were large (people lived in joint families). Back then, people worked in their hometowns, and access to the rest of the world was limited. Seniors enjoyed a good time with their loved ones and friends in the neighborhood.

However, in the globalization era, people move to different cities and countries for career opportunities. It has become rare for the entire family to live together. The concept of joint families has diminished. Seniors feel much more isolated in modern times.  

The idea of companion care at Merriment “No senior should feel lonely.”

Loneliness and social isolation are significant problems among the elderly. However, these concerns are yet not addressed well in the country. Loneliness impacts one’s mental health, such as stress, anxiety, and even depression. And during the current times, the pandemic has made us socially isolated. Seniors must be socially active and stay connected with people around!

Companion care at Merriment

The concept of companion care at Merriment is to help seniors live an independent and happy life affordably. Merriment aims to deliver the benefits of friendship with care. Nevertheless, it is to help seniors become socially active and live an enriched lifestyle.

The companions at Merriment are freelancers who are willing to care for the seniors in their areas and be perfect friends. A companion will go on outings, share meals, play games, walk, listen to music, or watch a movie with the seniors.

Merriment’s companion care will help seniors stay social, stay active while getting the required care for their essential needs. Social support can mean the world to them!

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