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Let's go for daily shopping

Let's go for daily shopping

Hire companions to go grocery shopping with you. You need not worry about the transportation concerns, payment concerns and handling all the stuff when you have young companions around!

Together is always better!

As an elderly, it is not just boring but tough to make it to daily shopping all by yourself. Here’s how hiring companions for shopping will help:

  • Arrangement of the cabs
  • You do not have to hold all the heavy weight all by yourself
  • You have a companion to help you make choices
  • Helpful and reassuring support

You could also hire companions to help you with other transportation requirements such as:

  • Go grocery shopping 
  • Volunteer for any community group or service organization
  • Attend religious places
  • Go for a movie or play 
  • Visit an art exhibition or visit a local museum 
  • Pick up their prescriptions
  • Spend time at the park or a local garden
  • Pick up supplies for hobbies like gardening/ other crafts
  • Buy supplies at the pet store
  • Keep up with doctor’s appointments
  • Attend local fitness classes
  • Mall walks
  • Sessions at the local community centre
  • Visit with friends and family